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–How are you different from other photographers? Why should we hire you?–

That is a great question! This is a question we have pondered quite a bit while building Paxelpics Photography. I won’t say there are not other photographers out there that don’t have just as much skill as we do, because there are, and we respect them for that and for their dedication. However, our clients are incredibly important to us, and become a part of our lives; quite often we end up becoming great friends. There is no way to accurately describe how much we love what we do, but it’s those moments, after showing our clients their photographs and watching them be overcome with emotion, with tears at a tender moment between bride and father, or a huge grin looking at the newborn photo of their child yawning and scrunching up their face. Those moments are why we do what we do, and that sets us apart.


–Do you travel?–

Yes! We LOVE to travel! Any travelling includes Kelton and myself, so please keep that in mind when we are discussing travel fees, as Kelton assists and second shoots. We do not need a 5 star hotel, by any means, and try to make things as affordable as possible.


–Why do you require a Deposit/Retainer Fee?–

You can read more about that here. To sum it up, as a photographer this is my business, and my income relies on clients attending their sessions, purchasing prints, etc. My ability to continue providing this service to others is dependent upon being paid for my time.


–Where are you located?–

We are located in Orem, UT, but we LOVE to travel! We are willing to travel wherever is needed. When we are travelling to new locations for sessions we’ll announce it on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out here so you can book us when we’re in your area!


–What are your travel costs?–

Upon inquiry I research, using, the best rates and deals on airfare, hotels, and transportation. I will then present you with an estimate of how much it will cost for you location. Otherwise, we charge for gas and mileage, at $0.65/mile.