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Leiser Family Christmas Minis {Paxelpics Photography, Utay Family Photographer}

Laurin is one of my best friend’s, and as such, one of my favorite people ever. I went to college with here, and we had a bit of a rocky start on this whole friendship thing. I thought she was a drama queen, and she thought I was sarcastic and rude. I ended up getting over myself, getting to know her, and from there it’s just history.

When I found out she was pregnant I was ecstatic, and then her and Joe came to me for Christmas minis and I got to see their little girl again! I hadn’t seen her since she was a newborn, and she was not a fan of me then. This time, she warmed up a bit more, but she still definitely made me pull out all of the stops. I spent their session dancing around, whisteling, playing with a stuffed bear, half waddling around to get her attention. Totally worth it.

Check out this gorgeous family!
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